I met someone 10 months ago, after a really bad breakup he had also had a recent breakup during that time and we started hanging out and having sex. We both didn’t want anything serious at the time. He had a child and is a full time student. He said that he had to focus on that first, I was still very hurt and didn’t want anything serious so it was perfect. I was also moving at the end of summer. We both got really close, we agreed on not dating anybody else or have sex with anyone but we still didn’t have titles. We even went on vacation together and he I would stay at his apartment most of the time ( had stuff there), interacted with his baby, we both became really attached to each other. Every time I asked for more he gave me more. Until one day he left, he said he needed to move on but that he would like to keep me in his life in any way he could. He said that it would be best to end things now. A month ago he told me his ex had twins, and that is why he left. He had to be there for the twins. He said he didn’t want to lose me but he had to be there for them. That he didn’t want to tell me because he know I would walk away from him, and I did. It has been 3 weeks since I have last talked to him I moved out of town ( 1:30 min away). I miss him like crazy, I want to forgive him but I haven’t been able too. I want to talk to him but I don’t know what to say. I would really appreciate any advice or opinion.