Need advice yall

Last night me and my SO got in a fight, I dont have a job but i am looking everyday for one. ( its hard finding a decent paying job that gives good hours ) he said he wss sick of taking care of me and told me to go find someone else to take care of " my kid" ( our kid that im pregnant with ) he said i dont do anything to take care of them and that he will probably be forced to take care of the kid himself and that ill just do nothing and say im tired and make him. I got up off the bed to calm him down and im ( 10 weeks ) nd he pushed me back on the bed. He wont address what he said is wrong and his actions are wrong. He just tries to justify it by saying he was pissed and he didnt mean it but why else would you say/do those things unless you were trying to hurt someone. Idc how mad you get you should control yourself. I almost kicked him out but we've been together for 5 years and its hard walking away when its bad when there's been SO many good times. About a 2 years ago i didnt have a job and went into a depression and he helped me through it but this time its been about 2 weeks that i havent had a job last time it was a few months.