Do you think I’m in the wrong?

So I turned 16 at the beginning of this year. I was super excited and my mom wanted to make me happy. So she asked if I wanted a party and I told her no because I never have enough friends to throw big parties like that. Instead she got me tickets to comic con (which I loved.) my one best friend (I have been best friends with her for 11 years) didn’t even wish me a happy birthday. She never spoke to me on my birthday and never got me a present. It hurt at the time but I forced myself to be over it as I didn’t want to cause trouble. But now she is posting on snap about how she is preparing for her sweet 16. I’m happy for her but I am conflicted. I don’t want to bother with getting her a present. I just don’t see the point since she didn’t get me one and she never even said happy birthday to me. Am I being childish?