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Looking for others that have gone thru it. Currently battling a bad case and I can’t unclog ducts and now I’m only getting .5 ounce out. My LO won’t nurse from the bad side any longer so I’ve been forced to pump every 2-3 hours which has since spun me into postpartum depression like state. We have now decided to formula feed due to all of this.

Long story short:

I’m now on a second antibiotic to cover MRSA as well. I still have lots of lumps and one big one I can feel right under my nipple. Question, will these lumps (including the big one) go away as the days go on? How long?

I go Friday for a sonogram of both sides to rule out abscesses. This has been pure hell. I love my baby girl...but man this BF journey has driven me insane. :(