Should I report them?

Would it actually do anything, and who would I report to?

I found a lost dog roaming around my neighborhood. I am keeping her with me until I find her family (no microchip or tags). I have walked her around the neighborhood asking if anyone recognizes her, posted on social media and lost/found pet groups on Facebook and called clinics and shelters in case anyone contacts them looking for this dog. If anyone messages me or calls me claiming this dog is theirs, I am requiring them to tell me the color of her collar, what is on her collar, and her name (to see if she answers to it). If they message me on Facebook, I also look for pictures. I want to be 100% sure I am giving her to her real family.

I have had multiple people trying to claim her as theirs, but could not answer my questions correctly. I could understand people having a missing dog of the same breed and hoping this is theirs, but she has very unique markings shown in the pictures, so I don't think anyone is making that mistake. I can only imagine what these people are wanting her for.


As I already said, I do not think these people are mistaking this dog for theirs. It would be very hard to do so due to her markings that are clearly shown in the pictures. Some of these people are acting weird. They are rude and pretty much trying to get me to just hand her over to them. I have a strong feeling they are just trying to use her to breed, abuse, or fight. They do not seem like concerned people just looking for their lost dog. If these people are linked to dog fighting, they can be arrested and that would help prevent them from harming other fur babies. What I am asking is if it would be worth it to report these people in case that is their motive (which I believe it is). Would reporting then even do anything?