He’s short

Hi ladies I met my bf on social media, we FaceTime and we’re pretty comfortable. After 3months of talking we made it official, we’ve been officially together for 8 months and he just came down last weekend.. the things is he’s short.

I’m about 5’2/5’3 and he’s about 5’5/5’6

We went to dinner and of course I wore heels and he asked me how tall they were I asked why and he said when I’m with him to wear smaller ones. I don’t know how to feel about this, I’m 26 he’s the shortest guy I’ve been with and I don’t know how I feel about this. In my family the men are tall, that’s all I’ve been with.

I’m torn because he’s a great guy but omg I never knew I’d be in a position like this

When we would FaceTime he looked average, I honestly thought at least 5’9

Would this be a deal breaker for you?

Honest opinion pls

Edit- when I wear heels I’m a little taller than him