My half sister part 25



5 months later

I sat with the phone pressed to my ear tapping my foot over and over on the floor restlessly.


"Dylan" I said,


"yeah I need to talk to you." he snorted,

"could have fooled me Chris you changed your phone number I feel like a one night stand your trying to ditch."

"self preservation mate. I was worried you'd give my number to Sarah or something I can't hear he voice I'd crack."

"yeah she is someone special." I didn't like Dylan tone but bit back comment reminding myself it was none of my business.

"yeah is she OK?"

"you expect me to know?"

"did you give her my letter?"

"yeah about 4 months ago." I know I asked him to but my heart still hurt knowing that I had told her to move on.

"have you seen her since?"

"a few times," my stomach twisted in jealousy,

"is she OK?"

"she misses you."

"is she OK?" I repeated as he didn't answer,

"she... She's fine."

"what aren't you telling me?"

"why are you calling Chris its been 6 months."

"she's not in the fucking society pages. She's not in a single fucking photo and I grew up in that family I know she would be in those photos so what the fuck is going on?"

Dylan sighed, "it's not my place to tell you,"

"I don't give a fuck what aren't you telling me?" I heard Dylan sigh,

"she... Chris she's fucking pregnant."

"she...." I said my mind reeling,

"shes pregnant Chris."

"it.. Is"

"yeah" he said gently, "it's your baby."

"my baby." I muttered thickly my mind unable to form a coherent sentence. "I left her."

"Chris you didn't know neither of you did."

"I left her."

"Chris listen to me... Just think for a minute don't do anything." I instantly made up my mind and slammed the phone down and walked down to the bar.

"Pete. I need to borrow your car." I said grabbing the keys.

"OK the girls are out tonight so I was gonna crash in the office anyway just promise you'll bring her back tomorrow alright."

I nodded knowing that was a promise I'd probably break but Pete knew that too he was an awesome guy. Within seconds I was in his car driving like a maniac heading home, with only one thought in my mind my girl was pregnant and I'd left her.

Three hours later I pulled up to the gates of my dad's house. I pressed in the code I knew and was surprised when they swung open. I drove quickly up the driveway and jumped out the second the car stopped running up to the door pounding hard on the wood.

"SARAH SARAH." I shouted I knew someone was in as I already saw the curtains twitching in the den. "SARAH, LAUREN DAD... FUCK.... FUCK YOU YOU CANNOT DO THIS YOU CANNOT KEEP HER AWAY FROM ME." I continued hammering on the door not considering doing anything as rational as actually trying the door.

"SARAH SARAH." I Screamed i ran to the den window and began banging my fists against the glass. "DAD LAUREN YOU CAN'T DO THIS FUCK YOU YOU CAN'T KEEP HER AWAY FROM ME NOT NOW PLEASE ." I was shouting anything that I thought might make them listen. I cursed loudly as I heard sirens in the distance. "PLEASE," I shouted, "DON'T DO THIS I FUCKING LOVE HER." I felt all the tears I refused to shed running down my cheeks as flashing lights filled the driveway around me and I was cuffed and flung in the back of a squad car.

"I told you not to do anything stupid." Dylan said casually as I exited the police station the next morning. "

" his the hell did you know I was here? "

" Lauren. Your lucky she persuaded your dad to drop the charges trespass and criminal damage are you fucking insane? What did you think that would achieve? "

" nothing but I wasn't exactly working on logic I didn't know what else to do. "

" I brought your peice of shit car. "

" it's my bosses "I said grabbing the keys

" where are you going? "

" where do you think? "

" well it's pointless because one you will be arrested and prosecuted this time"

"i don't fucking care Dylan she's my girl and she's pregnant."

"two he continued as if I hadn't spoken she's not even there. Your dad found about the baby a few weeks ago she hid it for a long time afraid he would make her have a termination she was what 5 and a half months I think she had a little bump and everything. Anyway your dad well he sent her I honestly don't know where just away somewhere to have the baby I haven't heard from her since. " I felt all the strength in my legs dissappear as I sank to the ground and cried.


I sighed sitting in the window seat looking out over the water and hills beyond, I was out in the wilds in a beautiful house a perfect guided cafe. I gently rubbed at my swollen tummy I had a pretty small bump but it was now clearly becoming a baby bump. I felt a gentle kick,

"hey little one" I whispered " you after more liquorice?" I said reaching into the bag next to me. I hate liquorice but b as by seemed to love it. "know little one no matter what happens I want you to know you were made out of love. I know one day you will meet your daddy and I love him very much and I always will. You are an expression of pure love and don't let anyone any tell you any different."

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