Two positive test


Background: I’m 44 and recently had fertility testing done that confirmed I’m still able to get pregnant, so my man and I had tubal reversal surgery done and IUD removed after 20 years and using and IUD to stop bleeding the last 12 years. 3 days after IUD was removed I started my period on the 10th of last month that lasted for 10 days. The calendar predicted that I’d ovulating around the 20th of this month. Last week I had a slightly positive opk test I believe it was around the 20th then 2 days later I was extremely emotional. I stopped testing as I figured it wasn’t needed until near my next cycle. I’ve been checking my Cm and placement, it had still been pretty low. Today I checked and it is high and soft so I did another OPK test and it’s in your face positive. Could I have ovulated twice or was the first just a coincidence that I was super emotional and my hormones trying to adjust to the removal of the IDU?