Which pic is more “goth”?


OK so maybe not Goth per se but a darker aesthetic. Goth scene emo, Whatever you want to call it. 🖤

I had a modeling gig today where I was a “goth queen” and the stylist did a TERRIBLE job with my make up. Like, terrible lol

I was like...

But whateves because it’s her thing and her creativity and I’m just the model. I just hope/am trusting that between photoshop effects, her camera game, and whatever else that the final result isn’t so bad lol

But I came home, and redid my make up for the heck of it. I like to think I did a better job lol

Which pic is the best? I want to make a side by side comparison with the two looks. My boss was super invested into the fact that I was doing this shoot and I dont want to show her/my husband/my family the photoshoot look without my own pics included lol 😆😬

ANYWAYS, here’s my look...

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