Chicken lasagna


I'm a new cook (not even two years), but I'm always trying new things. Tonight I made dinner for me and my parents and the deliciousness was 💯 My mom gave it a 10/10 because she couldn't find anything wrong with it, but then again she is my mom lol. I always make sure she's being honest because if something is wrong with it I rather the criticism so I can do better next time.

I made the Alfredo sauce from scratch and will definitely be making it like that from now on. I cooked and seasoned the chicken on my own too, the only thing my mom did was cook the pasta. But anyways, the picture isn't that great because the burnt stuff on the side, but I tried and I thought it was amazing.

I sprinkled cheddar cheese on top to make it look more "presentable" because I'm real big on presentation, but I don't think it worked out

This was my plate