Need marriage help


5 years with this man . Now my husband he drinks 24/7 comes home drunk stumbling in. I have the house clean, laundry , dinner you know what a wife does . We have a 3 year old an new one on the way .. im not happy he calls me a bed junkie saying I'm in bed all day an I dont do shit . He calls me a whore because my 3 yr old isnt is an now he wants to adopt because my sons biological father is willing to give up rights ... I'm stuck because I love him an been together for 5 years but it's been hell the past year an half . Drinking more then he usually did . I just want to be happy an I dont know how to leave because I do rely on him for most part. I'm not working at the moment because I'm pregnant. He saids I lie about my morning sickness so I can sleep all day .. look I dont sleep all day my kid goes to school 745 to 2 . I'm up at 630 every morning. My son is very happy child i take care of him i take care of the house , dinner is always made . He just trys to put me down 24/7 ! Do I stay or do I leave him ??