tips to boost breastmilk supply

i’m willing to try anything safe lmaooooooo

i want to breastfeed for as long as possible !! i feel like my supply is dropping here’s why

my breast ONLY feel full in the morning when baby wakes me up to eat ! i first breast feed my son at 5 am (he goes to sleep around 9-10pm every night) so until 5 am we will be sleep

after some feedings my baby still seems to be hungry so i give him one bottle of formula a day depending on which feeding he feels hungry after i want to avoid formula completely but my baby gots to eat lmfao

and i don’t pump everyday but some days i pump i’ll get over 5oz (total) and other days i get 5oz or less .. my baby still gains weight but my breasts are soft and getting smaller 😡😡😡and i know that can be a sign that milk supply is dropping

and i just got a haakaa breast pump does

anyone have any reviews on that ?? i heard it’s great