sudden panic attack??

Emily • Married. 💑 Bonus-Mom to an angel. 👼🏻❤️ TTC for two years. 😩😍

I’ve never had one before so in its entirety it scared me pretty bad.

My husband and I were out shopping because we needed some stuff. We went to eat, a fish store, Walmart, and then Petco.

In petco, I started to get super hot and sweaty, shortness of breath, a super deep feeling in my gut. My husband asked what’s wrong and I was like star struck having to say I think I’m having a panic attack. He immediately got freaked out because I’m the one that keeps him grounded since he suffers with a heart condition and such.

I feel so bad because I didn’t know he’d react the way he did and it made me feel worse so when he went to bed, I pretended to fall asleep so I could sit there and cry.. I wanted to cry the whole time but I knew it’d only make him more scared. 🙁