I’m 11 days late for my period I took pregnancy test at about when I was 3 days late and it came out negative. I’m scared to take another one just to be disappointed but I’m totally freaking out like where the hell is my period!?!?!

I had my last period from 21 to 26 July and my cycle is regular usually 28days I’ve never ever missed a period even when I’m stressed. It shows my fertile week is from 29-4 aug in which I had sex twice on my most fertile week especially when I was ovulating on 3rd so there could be a high chance I am pregnant. I have been getting some symptoms like tender breast cramps crazy mood swings constipation fatigue nausea almost everyday but other symptoms a little and not so often. Sometimes the cramps are so serve I can’t even walk or talk I have to pause and wait for it to pass. I just don’t know what to do should I see a doctor cos all my tests are coming out negative