Stressed and scared 😔


I just had my 20 week anatomy scan yesterday. We found out we’re having a girl! 🌸🎀 We couldn’t be more in love with her or excited.

However, the determined she may have a club foot, and are sending me to see a specialist. Otherwise, she is completely healthy. I’m a mess. I feel as though I did something wrong. And I feel so unbelievably selfish for being so upset. It’s not her brain, her heart or any other major organ, she just has (possibly) funky feet. I know it’s reversible, and not a long term impairment, but it still doesn’t lessen the blow. How terrible of a mom does that make me? Wishing and hoping that she was just “normal”.

Are there any ladies on here who have babies with clubfoot? Or any mommas who had a baby with suspected clubfoot on ultrasound, but turns out they were completely fine?

Asking for prayers, good vibes, and any advice. ❤️