Just need to vent

I’m being trying to conceive my 2nd baby for a while now and I know lots of women experience loss and then end up having their rainbow baby.. well I’m just feeling little defeated. But then I also feel like I shouldn’t be so upset since I already have my wonderful son. While so many others can’t conceive or have fertility problems. So it’s a constant battle with myself, I guess since I don’t tell this to anybody in my family or my significant others, except for one person is his family. Who just made me feel like I shouldn’t complain she meant well. Anyways I’m in a constant up and down of feelings one minute I’m okay the other the grief and anger just comes out of nowhere. Maybe it’s because I just went back to my hometown and saw all those babies some of his family members just had, plus others, and not going to hide it but made me feel bad I would been 28 weeks pregnant and with a girl too. I’ve been wanting a baby girl so it just feels like a punch in the face sometimes having to go through all those losses. I kept my losses a secret from his family since I honestly don’t feel like we’ll be supported in trying to have another child since all I’ve heard is I should be happy with one child. And it’s always towards us, which makes me so upset.