Chronic testers--- just an FYI!


I am 7w4d today. I have been taking tests here and there just for peace of mind, my first Ultrasound isn’t until 9/11 so growing a little impatient. I’ve also had a chemical pregnancy before so I feel like the worst case scenario is always in the back of my mind... but anyway! I took a test tonight, and it looked lighter. I had read once the HCG gets so high later on, it can cause the tests not to pick it up as much, or even eventually show a negative result. So I took another one and added about 50 percent water to my pee sample and BOOM. Dark again! Just thought I would share for those of you who like to keep testing and don’t have a heart attack 😇 I know some people say the darkness of the test doesn’t matter, but this is all I got right now. Top test is the initial one, bottom is with added water!