You’re gonna want to hear this one.😂

I ordered Buffalo Wild Wings after work for me and my man. I got regular wings he got extra spicy wings. After we ate we were laying down watching a movie.

We kissed.. then kissed again and one thing led to another. I sucked him and then it was my turn. He started fingering me. Only we forgot he just ate spicy wings!!!! (He did wash his hands after we ate) about 10 seconds into him fingering me it starts to burn! I said “Oh my god the wings” he was slightly confused but then got it.😂

He stopped fingering me and went to wash his hands again and he used cold water like freezing. And he came back upstairs and started slowly fingering me. It felt much better.😂😂

Then everything was fine and eventually slipped it in and we had amazing sex. Moral of the story is. DO NOT LET YOUR BOYFRIEND FINGER YOU AFTER EATING SPICY FOOD!😂😂 self explanatory but shit happens.

Anyways hope this gave you ladies a laugh.😂😂