Natural ways to avoid Downs Syndrome

Now, dont get me wrong. I would be so happy with any baby to bring in the world. But I've had three miscarriages and one was because of downs (only 1 in 5 downs babies make it to live birth). I have a bad feeling my last miscarriage might also be because of downs.

I'm worried that if I keep conceiving babies with downs maybe my body just rejects them really well (though loveable and valid as people their condition is due to genetic defect which our bodies are very good at rejecting), and I'd like to avoid yet another miscarriage if I can.

I'm going to talk to my doc but my appointment is not for another 2 weeks so if anyone has gotten tips from doctors or whatever that would help.

I do have lupus, which I've read can put me at more of a risk for these things... but from my understanding it was only an increased risk from 0.5% to 1% chance.

I eat healthy, avoid my trigger foods (gluten, nightshades, and soy) do not eat a lot of trash (again most junk food has these things I cant have in them) and take vitamins and have worked with my doctors to be on meds that are the least risk to pregnancy. My doctors say a lupus flare is exponentially more risky to conception and pregnancy than these 2 meds.

I just dont know what more I can do. I eat mostly organic (though that does not have much affect health wise, it's more an ecological issue) and I generally eat really well other than the occasional treat of things like gluten free cereals or sometimes a gluten free cheesecake.

The 3 things I'm asking my doc about is vitin B3 (a lot of Australian studies have found this helpful) red raspberry leaf tea, and maybe male supplements and . Truthfully my husband does not eat as healthfully as I do but I'm pretty sure I'm the issue here.