Don’t know where to post this but need landlord help!!!

So my landlord had raised my rent after 1 year of living there went from $1560 to $1650 . Recently I’ve been seeing cockroaches (I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant) and we are very clean people . I am finding roaches in CLEAN DISHES and by the baby’s bottles and I am TRULY DISGUSTED !!! I keep finding more and more every damn day and have had enough so last week I messaged my landlord late night telling them my situation . He responded that he would “get to it” few days passed and never heard from them . I messaged them again asking what’s going on as I keep seeing more appear as the days go by. He then asks to speak in person. He shows up and tells me how we deserve to be happy in our home and I shouldn’t stress because I’m pregnant and what not coming up with all this bullshit.

He then proceeds to tell me that since he’s making a new apartment complex and his electricity bill is too high he needs to raise our rent AGAIN he recently raised it in July and now wants to raise it again from $1650 to $1815!!! For a one bedroom and I think he’s out of his fucking mind. He then tells me that he’s been living for 54 years and 65% of the population lives with roaches and how wherever hes lived he’s always had this problem so technically he cannot do nothing about it but he said however he will call for a company to fumigate which I said okay he said they would come around September 14.

Today I decided to deep clean my room and I see a family of roaches (mind u I just deep cleaned about 3 weeks ago) why the fuck is there roaches ?! I saw about 10 little roaches and a few bigger ones and lost my shit. So I call him to complain again and he tells me since u keep calling me and complaining to me I’ll see what I can do but since I’ve been living for 34 years in this country this is the first time I have to fumigate . Basically telling me I’m the messy one and I’m the problem . Before I forget he and his wife told me themselves they have roaches as well as they live in the same apartment complex . So technically these roaches are coming from them! I’m just so pissed about this situation that I need to rant somewhere ! They literally do not want to pay to fucking fumigate!! They said they are “loosing money” like I’m sorry but I’m paying u almost 2k for this damn fucking microscopic apartment wtf are u doing with my money . Use that shit and fumigate !🗣🗣🗣