Just got my first STD testing please leave your opinion NEED HELP

So I just went to PP and got tested for STD/STI.

When I told her my symptoms

My clitoral hood is burning and very swollen and there is slight itching. Also I have an urge to pee even though there is nothing there but when I hold it burns.

The nurse-practitioner immediately said it was genital herpes she said that she saw a possible blister( my hair is growing back from a horrible wax from European wax center)

I came back negative for a UTI, yeast, BV and trich. But she said there is an abnormally high trace of white blood cells in my vagina.

But she immediately talked about genital herpes even though she looked at the swap and didn’t see anything

She also added at the end she doesn’t really know what it could be and it going out for further testing

What should I do