Worst case scenario brain! Warning... It's scary.


I don't have ppd, but ever since I've had my son I have the most intense worst case anxiety.

My husband is pushing the bassinet on the stroller and he got too close to the edge. I see in my head the whole scenario... the wheel go off the sidewalk and the cart falls over and baby rolls out and onto the road... Then... 😭

I've seen him fall off the bed and smack his head. I've seen him fall off the doc and the cottage and between the boat into the water... Gone.

Or I'm having dreams about house invasions and begging for the murderer to spare my baby's life. Then thinking about escape routes out of my house and how I would have to repel my son's bassinet out of the second story window in a fire.

I can't take it... It's making it hard to let other people help me care for him or for me to sleep.