How do I juggle it all?!? Help me please


I’m a ftm, but my bf has 2 other kiddos - one of which is 3 and I watch him 3 ish days a week PLUS the 2 days we have him and the oldest, a 9 yo girl.

My bf works extremely hard to support all of us, as I’m not working rn (baby isn’t quite 6 weeks yet). Because I get to stay home, there is a lot of pressure on me to make shre the house runs in order- some from him, mostly from me. I hate the feeling of not contributing or letting him down.

How the hell do you guys juggle

Multiple kids AND keeping a house in order AND cooking meals AND making sure each kid gets enough stimulation because newborns, 3 year olds and 9 year olds allll have different interests in life. Lol

I feel like I’m drowning and dropping the ball. I don’t think this is post partum, as I am extremely happy and fulfilled by my new life. I’m just feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks I have on my plate each day, and it’s even harder when the baby is currently going through a growth spurt and just won’t deal with being put down for even a moment.

Please help mamas!! Any real advice here?? HOW DO YALL DOOOO THIS?!