SOS! Screaming Baby!!


Sorry for the long post 😬

Okay moms, I need advice or reassurance that I’m not the only one going through this! So I’m a nurse, and I work 6 nights on and 8 nights off. My mother in law comes to my house and keeps my baby while I’m working. The first 6 nights I was back at work, I would come home in the mornings and try to spend a little time with my baby girl. Well she would scream the whole time I had her. Like I’m talking inconsolable with tears running down her face, but she would calm back down when my mother in law took her. She was between 8-9 weeks so I figured she was going through a leap because she’s normally a very content baby and only cries when she’s tired or hungry. Well now I’m back at work for my 6 nights, and she’s doing this again when she’s with me in the morning! I mean, is this her way of expressing separation anxiety? I know babies don’t understand object permanence until 3-4 months, but is it possible that when I get home, she is realizing how much she missed me? Is that a thing?

Please tell me someone else has experienced this! And if anyone else has had this experience, do you have any tips? I just want to come home from working all night and be able to nurse and cuddle with my girl for a little while! 😭