Drove myself home from Surgery

I had surgery today on my throat and was put to sleep and given phenol (4give me if that's spelled wrong) b4 leaving the hospital for some throat pain. We get discharged and he drives straight to were his bank is so he could pay is helpers from work so he parks in front of the pawn shop 3 doors down from the bank. He goes in the pawn shop for an hour while I'm in the car with our 10m old(air was on) he comes out saying he figured I'd done drove home by now(our son had his work truck that's what he was bringing to meet his daddy at the bank)I'm looking at him like😶😒...What? I'm not supposed to drive for 24hrs. I'm now upset with him over this. My son pulls up and asked him to help me buckle her carseat in the truck and I got back in my car and was made to drive home. I could still "technically drive" I wasn't zombied out I was just feeling the effects some of the pain medications still. I thankfully made it home(I live 45min away and cried all.th way home)...I rested a bit then packed my shit and my kids stuff and we left! I shouldn't of been made to drive after surgery especially by my husband. I have no friends or family to help me😔 please no rude comments today has been rough by far. I also had posted b4 surgery him stopping at McDonald's eating a large breakfast in the car knowing I couldn't eat and lost 25 pounds in 7wks were I haven't been able to eat. Yes he has to eat I know this. I'm not saying never eat around me other weeks I'm referring to this morning he could of just waited until we got to the hospital and went and ate but instead I cried cause I have been hungry for weeks and haven't been able eat from a tumor in my throat. Just wanted to cry a minute sorry.

Comment.. am I safe..yes were ok I am at a church friend house that said we could stay there.