Finally Second Trimester With Our Rainbow


After suffering two miscarriages between September last year and April this year we are beyond happy to be in the second trimester. Baby is doing great but I however am not. Had a very lengthy appointment today with lots of news.

I’ve been extremely sick, tired and dizzy with headaches almost daily ever since 10 weeks. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right and after talking heavily with my dr I’m glad I listened to my gut.

In less than four weeks I’ve lost 10 pounds, found that out today. Automatic red flag for my dr.

I am also extremely dehydrated because I can’t even keep water down anymore and was told if I can’t keep fluids down over the weekend I have to have an IV done immediately.

I have Hypermesis and am now being put on two medications to help me.

I also have Placenta Previa. My placenta is completely covering my cervix. I already have to have a c-section since I had one with my son so if by 20 weeks it hasn’t moved, that’s what they do anyway.

I’m on pelvic rest for the next nine weeks (my poor husband lol).

All this is seriously making me consider this being the last baby. I feel like my body can’t handle pregnancy. I was extremely sick with my son too and had some problems but not at all to this level.

On top of everything I also have constant phlegm to where I’m gagging or dry heaving or throwing up several times. Is there seriously no help for that??? I have Sudafed (low dose) but it is just not helping me. My husband got me a water and tater tots after the appointment and 10 minutes after getting home it all came back up. Fun right?

Baby is perfect! Strong heartbeat at 154bpm, measuring exactly where it should be, was waving and kicking around the whole time, almost could get a good picture lol. We made our announcement finally after our son got home from grandmas and it feels so good. I will probably worry through the whole pregnancy but I can’t help it. March 2020 can’t get here fast enough. 🌈♥️💗💙