Such a cool story to tell her when she’s older


So I’m visiting family for the weekend in upstate NY and my husband me and the baby go into the store to see my uncle and get formula and who walks in.... Lorraine Toussaint (aka Vee from Orange is the New Black ).

So I’m trying not to be a weirdo but I want my husband to see her. Then I lose my husband in the store when I go to find him I pass her and can’t believe I did but I said “ I’m sorry I don’t wanna bother you but I loved you in OTNB I think you’re amazing again I don’t want to bother you have a good night” she smiled and said thank you was so nice.

So I’m standing there with my baby talking to my uncle and Lorraine Walks by and says “aww a baby” looks in the stroller and say “ oh and she’s beautiful “!!!!!

Omg Im so excited 😆

Of course afterward I’m Ike I should have asked for a photo but I didn’t want to bother her