Calling all makeup girls


So I have been doing my makeup for 7 years now, Ofcourse I have gotten better as I have came along. But getting better has come with a price a hefty price I usually spend almost or over 50$ on foundation. Two of my favs right now is Becca and Born this way. Deserving honorable mention is Tarte Amazonian clay, M.a.c and Bobbi brown.

My issue is, is that I am trying to save money and please I asked for makeup girls don’t hop on here talking about natural beauty this natural beauty that blah blah blah, “that’s too much” did I ask you that no I didn’t keep it moving.I spend more days look like somebody runaway then I do dolled up.So my issue is that I am trying to find a long-wear affordable foundation. I’m looking towards trying Fenty but I at least want to get down in the 20s I have tried Clinique, Sephora’s brand, Anastasia’s stick, Maybelline (Ofcourse) and I am encountering the same problem by the end of the night I’m a blotchy greasy mess. Any suggestions on an affordable foundation I should look into I’m looking for matte, long-wear, and smoothness one that doesn’t sink into pores. Only one I have really loved is the pore-less foundation but I find that it doesn’t always look good on me any suggestions?