I am exactly 5 weeks today and everything was going well. Sore boobs, missed period, nausea off and on, exhaustion, constant need to pee, and slight cramping. But then I ate Chinese food and an hour later, I started bleeding. It was very light. Barely anything. Then there was more. And more. It’s red. And it’s not enough to leave a stain either on a pad or a pantyliner, I only see it when I wipe, but there was a clot. Not a major one, more like a short, thin strand of red blood. But it freaked me out. I was crying hard. My bff and the godmother said I was probably dehydrated (I don’t drink enough water. I’m working on this), but I am 35, and so scared that I’m going to do something wrong or miscarry since this is my first. I am in the ER right now and the ultrasound tech said women bleed for all kinds of reasons during their pregnancy and some bleed all the way through, but what do you all think? Should I be concerned? I’m freaking out that I am having a miscarriage. And I’m all by myself so it’s even worse.

*Edit: Doctor just came in to tell me that I had a miscarriage.