Post partum experience


I had my baby girl (first baby) on August 28 and today, the 30th, I have had the worst post partum experience ever. Since it's my first day home from the doc I just feel so overwhelmed. I couldn't breast feed because I was in so much pain so I ended up doing formula ( made me feel defeated). Than my anxiety made me get a migraine that was terrible. I had no appetite, I was crying over nothing. I dont even remember half the day. But my boyfriend new exactly what to do. He made me a warm bath and watched baby and sat with me in the bathroom until I was done. He made sure I took a nap that was longer than an hour, I cant sleep so it was a surprise I even passed out. Than he made me some chicken and rice, I barely had any since my anxiety was still bad. Than we went on a nice walk and when we got home he made me a warm shower and helped me pump and I finally got my baby to drink my milk and I just cried from relief. I hated that i had to use formula i felt so defeated but when i pumped i basically cried in bed naked while i was pumping. The pumping helped with the breast pain and baby loves it. I just cant thank my boyfriend enough.