Vent time

Lily • ERN 9/4/19 🖤🧡

So yesterday I went in for my weekly NST and I had an elevated blood pressure. The Dr.

Ordered me to go to triage and be tested for preeclampsia, well I didn’t have preeclampsia. They said I had pregnancy induced hypertension. Since I am 39+2 they decided that they would just induce me. This was at 11 AM. They said I should have a room by 3PM and they would start me in Cervidil, then pitocin after 12 hours. 6PM rolled around and still no room. 7PM my new nurse comes in and says I’m next to get a room, they’re waiting for it to be cleaned. 9:30PM rolls around and still nothing. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand, if a woman comes in with active labor, they’re going to take her first. But just let me go home if y’all don’t have room and schedule me for an induction. My blood pressure went down by 3PM. So I signed AMA papers as of 11PM and I am waiting at home to just go into active labor. I knew I would sit in triage all night waiting for a room. I just wanted to meet my little man. Rant over I’m sorry guys just frustrated.