Love Sex Relationships

So I met this guy that I've been talking to on and off for a little bit. I met him last night and we sat on the couch being silly, listening to music. I had no care in the world, he is so sweet, he drew on me, we were just playing (like kids (lol)) then he poked my cheek. Tried to see if I was ticklish (which was a negative (not softly anyway)) oh my goodness he is perfect. He is crazy insane like I am. He talked to me about serious stuff. About suicidal thoughts and about how everyone has them, (this was during sex) he also told me that I am strong enough to overcome the thoughts; I mean I know this but normally people just think I need to be locked up. 🙄 I felt immediately me with him. I felt like there was safety in his presence. I cant explain it beyond that. He was like a high without the drugs. I craved him anyway after just talking to him and seeked him. I am so drawn. The sex was absolutely most breathtaking. He went down on me multiple times and oh my lord!!! He bit me all over which I loved so much. I could sit and talk with him all day.