Husband left us

7 months pregnant. My husband and I got in a big fight yesterday and he packed his shit and left while I was gone. In front of my 8 year old daughter. Said nothing to her. Left his phone here, took out his SIM card. I initially was apologetic and trying to talk to him but after talking to several friends and a doc, good men don’t do that to their pregnant wives and families, and he’s obviously too immature to actually sit down and talk about things in a productive way. He won’t respond or talk to me at all. I went to his parents house to drop his phone off so he has one and his brother came out threatening to have me arrested, acting like an absolute bully when he knows nothing about our relationship and hasn’t talked to my husband in like 6 months. So I left with the phone. At this point, if he’s the type of person to get a woman pregnant and leave her to endure the pregnancy and a newborn with three other kids in tow, what am I doing trying to work it out? He can’t even come out and fight his own battles or talk to his pregnant wife? All of my friends have lost any and all respect for him. He has no friends. The only people chirping in his ear are his mom and brother and they are the worst people for him to talk to because they buy all his narcissistic victimizing bs. I just can’t believe someone would be so childish. How do you wake up telling your wife you love her and then pack all your shit up in the same day. Yeah, we fight, but not divorce worthy fighting- he fucks shit up all the time and apologizes and I fix it or pick up his slack or suck up the shit he never fixes and that’s the extent of our fighting. 7 fucking months pregnant. I can’t even tell you how good it felt to hear 10+ people give me a resounding “what kind of person leaves their pregnant wife for any reason whatsoever, much less an argument or a fight and not something like cheating.” Everyone thinks he just needs time to calm down and he’ll come back, but I don’t think so. He packed everything up and left his ring on the table. There was no talk about this. No respect. No nothing. Just left with no word and still no word. A child.