I need some support from cyber bullying


Ok, so yesterday I posted a picture of myself on my Instagram. It was a normal selfie, just my face and my shoulders. I wasn’t showing anything, and I was wearing a high-cut top. BUT, last night multiple people texted and dmed me, telling me that I shouldn’t have posted it, saying I looked like I ‘wanted it’ and some girls even said that I was posing like a slut. I was really confused and hurt because it was literally just my face.

I took it down and tried to respond to the texts, a few of which even came from my friends. But again, I was slut-shamed and told that I wasn’t pretty and I should get off Instagram and I had used face tune or something. But I hadn’t. It was a photo of my face. People need to get over the fact that a girl can think she looks good and respect herself without being a ‘slut.’

Here is the picture:

I mean, a bit of my bralette is showing through the shirt but I hardly think that means that I’m dressed like a slut.

I need some support in the comments and some reassurance that I look fine.

Thank you 😘🥰