Elective C-Section....

Sydney • RPB 🌻✨🐥 8.29

Any mamas who had elective c sections how did you know it was the right choice for you?

I’m 40 weeks 2 days currently and scheduled for induction starting Thursday at 41 weeks.

My cervix is refusing to do anything so I’m going to have to get cervidil Wednesday for 12 hours before the induction starts

My fear is that after being pumped with these medications it won’t help me progress or I will get stuck half way there and end up with an emergency c section.

This is my first baby and at my 38 week ultrasound she’s measuring 8lbs 5oz so she could be pushing 10lbs by time I deliver so her size is definitely going to play a part....

My doctor obviously would prefer me to attempt the induction then go for c section if we have to which at first I agreed with but I just keep thinking about it and I have this nagging feeling like I should go for the c section...

What was your experience and how did you come to the conclusion that it was right for you?

I’m not in a rush to deliver so I’m not considering c section just because I wanna be done with the pregnancy so no negative comments I am over due and hormonal I don’t need anyone’s shit I just want some true advice because I really just feel like I don’t know what to do right now I don’t know if I should trust my instincts or if it’s my nerves talking I just don’t know 😩