Pregnancy AMAZES me 💗


It wasn’t until I heard the term: “trying.”

Until I bought my first OPK, and then bought the bulk kit from Amazon because those fancy Clearblues were getting costly.

Until I started becoming resentful when seeing another friend announce her pregnancy.

Until I started to look into adoption.

Until I bought preseed and looked a little coo-coo while holding my legs in the air after... well, you know.

Until I made the 1 year mark if “trying,” and my OB prescribed me Clomid.

Until I had an allergic reaction to Clomid.

Until my husband began to stress and not be able to perform, when asked.

Until my OB told me that I need to see an infertility specialist.

Infertility specialist.

Words I didn’t think I’d hear.

It wasn’t until I experienced all of those prior obstacles and was put on Letrozole and the trigger shot, that I realized babies are miracles.

And I am truly blessed to be 15 weeks pregnant with my miracle.

I know that getting pregnant is not as easy for some as it is for others, and I also know that every struggle is different in its own way.

My hope is that every woman, who wants to have a baby, is blessed with their miracle.

Being pregnant is the best feeling in the world! I will take nausea, food aversions, constantly peeing, leg cramps, headaches, and any other discomfort for my baby! She has made me so happy and I’m over the moon excited to know that in 5 months I will get to meet her and hold her in my arms. But for now, I’m content holding her in my uterus, because she is growing strong and healthy. Thank God 🙏🏻💗👶🏻😍