So my so called

Boyfriend comes home after 8 hours, I’ve just had a baby who’s 1 month old now, anyway he came to bed and started calling me a white bitch and talking to my son who’s 1 month old saying white people are bad basically, swearing saying fucking white people and calling me a white pussy bitch, I’m front of my son so I told him to leave then he walked out calling me everything under the son, well he’s gone now! How can he just walk out on his son again, he even threw the baby’s milk bottle at me while he was feeding his baby! How can he do that and I will not allow him to disrespect my son no way! Now I’m crying because I can’t believe he was like that and he’s spoke to his son like that! He’s Jamaican I’m white, he’s 15 years older than me, not that age has anything to do with it but how can he treat his son like that!!