Help! Long but please please read...

rissa • mommy to two perfect girls ♥️ 09.01.19 | 03.29..2021

So here’s what’s been going on. 2 days ago after an in office NST at my doctors office she sent me to L&D because I was having 3 minute apart contractions, and I had been for 4 hours at that point. I spent 12 hours in L&D having contractions 2 mins apart and I dilated just a centimeter. After they gave me a steroid shot (because I’m only 36 weeks, to develop babies lungs quicker Incase I was in labor which they thought I was) everything stopped. I went back in yesterday for the follow up steroid shot and since yesterday morning my chest has been EXTREMELY tight. It feels like I’m having a contraction but I’m not, if that makes sense? My breath will go and it will hurt to breath.

Anyways yesterday while getting my shot they mentioned my blood pressure was elevated (135/77) which isn’t HIGH but it is the highest my blood pressure has ever been while pregnant. It went from that to 140/80 while resting and they said just to keep an eye out for any swelling accompanied by headache or whatever.

Well I had extreme lower back pain all night and I’m feeling ok today but I’m still getting sharp pains throughout my abdomen and my feet all of a sudden are so swollen, the most swollen they’ve ever been. I had no swelling before a couple of days ago. My left foot is more swollen than my right foot to the point where my thumbprint is staying but not on my right. And again my chest and lungs feel SO tight but I don’t know if that has anything to do with high blood pressure? Last night I took off my ankle socks as well and it was completely indented, more so on my left again and it was pretty scary looking.

I know if I call all they are gonna say is elevate your feet and drink water blah blah blah. But I feel like something could be wrong....

What do you ladies think?

*im very hydrated and have been pushing fluids like crazy the last few days especially

Also last night at Harmon’s I checked my blood pressure 4 times and it went from the first one to the second and stayed there. I know these aren’t always accurate so idk what to do.

Just to reiterate my symptoms are consisting of VERY tight chest, my heart beat feels faster than normal, bad swelling (feet, legs, hands, face) and shooting abdominal pain.

Just now I started having sharp pains under my right rib.