Just want to vent and maybe seek some encouragement

So my story is a crazy one, but my hubby is in prison currently and won’t be out until 2024-25. He was short with me on the phone last night because I went to a convention in the city for young peoples AA with my friends and had to get off the phone to listen to a speaker. I was irritated with how short he was with me but tonight when he called I tried telling him about some bullshit with our families and he said he didn’t care.

This man started hysterically crying and said he had been for 24 hours because he thinks he lost his wedding band. He is upset because he’s sentimental but I think he was also scared I would be upset. I told him I intentionally bought him a silicone ring because I KNEW he’d lose it eventually, 5 years is a long time and it was too big anyway. That’s why I refused to let him get a gold band. And we can just get a new one but in a better color and the right size. I had our names and year we met engraved on the inside so I said I’d do that too. I ordered it tonight and got priority shipping straight to the prison so he’ll hopefully have it by Friday.

My poor husband, it broke my heart 😩