Month 13

Heading into month 13 of TTC and honestly it’s been the longest 13 months of my life.

The heart break every time you take a test hoping and praying that it’ll be positive.

Each month I keep telling myself “this is it. This is my month” only to be heartbroken when AF shows up.

Showing up to baby showers and being asked “when is it your turn?” By every family member or at family get together’s and I’m running around with my nieces and nephews.

Month 13 sucks. But I know it’s in God’s hands and everything is in His control and that’s okay. Maybe it’s time to accept that fact and be a married adult now.

***I made this post to let other women know that they are not alone through their struggle of TTC. I’m here with you. I understand the struggle. Infertility sucks but I know we can do this.

Don’t loose your faith 💕