Anyone else not feel kicks yet?

Amy • 🌈 Rainbow Baby boy due 1/25/20 ❤️ First time mom 💑 Married 💃 27 🇺🇸 CA, USA

I’m getting so nervous! I read all the posts about when they’re babies are active and how frequently or inconsistent, but I haven’t felt him yet. I’m 19 weeks today. 😟 I have had really small fluttery feelings or even like a shifting internally as if he changed positions but I’ve never seen or felt it on the outside and haven’t had solid feeling internally at all. We go for our 20 week check up in a week and I CANT WAIT. I’m getting more and more anxious by the day. My husband keeps consoling me saying I’m clearly growing (which is sooo true, In the last 10 days I popped straight out) so he must be ok. And it’s possible I have the placenta in the way. I just really want to feel him. I feel like I walk around all day holding my belly hoping to feel him. Gah this just made me cry writing this 🥺

Hope other mommies aren’t going through this awful anxiety but I’d love to know I’m not alone. ❤️