First PP Period TMI

I got my first pp period this morning. I'm legit struggling to remember how I did this before. I use a menstrual cup and ever since I pushed it out while going #2 on the toilet I take it out before I poop 🙈 so this afternoon I got hit with the period poops suddenly and popped baby into the pack and play and turned on the TV for the 3 year old. I had to wash my hands before taking the cup out, then again after rinsing the cup. My toilet looked like I'd murdered someone in there. I dripped on the floor and smeared the seat 🤦Then I get down the business, baby starts crying, I've got cramps, I'm trying to finish up, I get poop on my hands... Seriously? Did I forget how to wipe my own butt? I'm 31 years old! I finally get cleaned up, get the cup back in and go hold baby. Big boy was still happy with Sesame St 😂 It's a glamorous life we love girls ❤️