Anyone here pregnant after multiple losses?


Back story, I am 29 TTC baby #2. I had my first with zero effort, was literally on the pill missed a couple days got pregnant. Now I’ve had three losses since March. A chemical, then a mmc at 10 weeks, then today another chemical. So clearly I can get pregnant but I can’t stay pregnant?

I’ve had day 3 bloodwork and a thyroid panel and my T4 is borderline in my opinion (.2 above the low number) but other stuff looked fine.

I’m heavier set but nothing crazy and about the same size I was with baby number 1 so I just have a hard time thinking that’s it? But anything is possible.

I guess I’m looking for what worked for you whether it be supplements or additional tests or whatever. I’ll be calling my doctor tomorrow to set something up and want to be prepared with my questions! TIA