Am I pregnant ?!?! (Urgent help)

Hi! I’ve been on birth control pills for a month now Junel 21 day 20 mg, and I’m on my fourth week but I started a new pack already, I’m not sure if I was supposed to, or if that means I’m delaying my period?? My boyfriend and I have sex quite often, and he doesn’t pull out since I am on the pill, I always go pee after and wash down there, my periods have also always been regular/on time but this month it hasn’t come since ive been on the pill. This evening I went to pee, and I wiped and a LITTLE red speck of blood has come. Haven’t been really feeling pregnant symptoms probably just birth control symptoms bloating occasionally, and I have taken them EVERYDAY at the same time. Should I be worried?!?!? :( too scared to ask someone else or get a test right now. Need a second opinion, lol