Help. Any one else experienced or experiencing this?


I’m pregnant with my second child but like everyone says every pregnancy is different. With my first little one I started going to the hospital at 33 weeks with really bad contractions they gave me a shot that stopped them. And he was later born at almost 38 weeks! My water never broke with him I went in to turn in some test they had me do and was complaining about contractions, turns out I was in early labor and a few hours after my son was born Emergency C-Section.

NOW: with my second son I been going to the hospital since 20weeks for that same shot and so far have been twice more since! The last time I went was 2 weeks ago at 34 weeks and they gave me the usual shot, but that last time it was a little different. They can give you up to 3 shots to help stop the contractions so you don’t go into early labor. Well normally just one does the trick and the last time they had to give me all 3 shots! they almost kept me at the hospital but the third shot did the trick.

Two weeks later and I’m now 36 weeks & 3 days basically! I started getting contractions again around 35 weeks and 4 days. But even though they not frequent I do not go to the hospital how ever, I am worried. And hoping you mommas can help me until I can get in to see my doctor. See with my first son I never experienced so much pressure on my lower stomach! Also with my first I never experienced such bad contractions I had to run to the bathroom with bowl movements all the time. I do not know what it feels like to loose a Mucous plug or for my water to break! Or if having all these contractions sending me to the bathroom is something I should worry about. As well as my back has been on fire later and when I go to squat i feel like my knees are about to give out on me! Any advice on this? Have any of you been through a similar thing or going through a similar thing?

Thank you in advance.