FWB Blocked Me?


FWB for almost 3 years, we are NOT friends on social media.

For financial reasons every couple of months his phone is off for a few days until he gets paid again. When this happens I usually just wait the few days and then text/calls continue as normal

This time I needed to talk to him asap, so I simply messaged him on FB thinking no big deal.

Halfway through the day I still see no response ( thinking to myself I guess he's not near WiFi at the moment)

That night I just randomly decide to scroll through his profile (which is public)

And I see a status from earlier that day saying " how do I block someone from messaging me who is not on my friends list?"

Completely crushed and confused, he's absolutely talking about me

Where did I cross the line to deserve to get blocked?

Last we spoke we were in good terms

Are you really telling me one can have sex for almost 3+ years but get blocked when messaged on FB?

Am I crazy? Is he hiding something?

Would you be mad if someone you knew but not friends with messaged you in social media, messaged you?