Wondering if I’m pregnant.....


Hello all of my beautiful ladies!!! I hope all is well!

My cycle is 11 days late, which it not normal. I’ve been extremely tired lately. Last week while at work I had to nap during my 15 minute break. The past two weeks I’ve been hungry but didn’t have the desire to eat. When I’d try to eat I’d feel like I was about to 🤮. But this week my appetite seems to have come back! I remember feeling that was during my last pregnancy. I’ve been having a little more discharge, nothing scare tho! Lol

Now I know this is an old ppl myth but... lately my son whose 15 months, has been super clingy, I know that’s around the age of babies acting as such, but he’s also been growing and learning at an accelerated speed. I bring attention to that because the old folks said when babies do that there’s a chance of a baby brewing!

What do you ladies think?