Omg gross

So last night I was very horny and I wanted some.. But my boyfriend (we're living together for 5 years) was already asleep so I got to rubbing and gave the best blowjob performance in my whole life.. I was sucking and deepthroating and right when I was about to stop so we could have sex.. I trew up a whole bunch in my mouth.. Like.. No warning.. And I was full panicky (NOOOO I'M NOT GONNA LET IT STOP US) so I sucked it all off and swallowed it and I was like.. Didn't he notice? (he's very very icky regarding puke or puking so I was pretty sure he didn't notice) and then we had amazing sex..

So at the end I was wondring should I tell him..?

Would you have told your significant other you puked all over his dick, sucked it off and continued like nothing happened?

Just wondring..


I did tell him when we were done and he was a bit grossed out but he also likes me being so gobly on him so it actually turned him on a bit too..

Also this wasn't my choosing.. I wouldn't want that ever to happen again.. And neither does he. But it just happened and honestly swallowing it back in was so much better than straight out puking all over him and our bed... That really was no option.