Has anyone heard of bacillus sepsis is it. On May 13" 2019 i was suppose to deliever a healrhy baby boy but to my surprise my belived full term 7.14 oz 20 in baby boy was born deceased so many things were running throw my mind like did i cause this or was it from gbs seeing ive never ever heard of ir. I got the autopsy report back had no clue what the big words they used but his cause of death was bacillus sepsis my doctor said he had an infection in his blood but how did he have it and i didnt also the cord could have wrapped around him. She did ensure me that i could still have kids kids like how its like my life if falking apart my ex was barely around for his son he found someone else we constantly argued when we spoke because either he or she would say something that triggered me. Its like since his death me and my kids ate the only ones crying especially ne there are some really good days and there are some days were all i can do is cry.. I have no clue what im doing or if im trying to feel avoid i have been sleeping with my ex since june 26 19 and he has a girlfriend its like she didnt care i was carrying his son so why should i care about her feelings especially after she said ita a baby get over it no sweety he had a name his name was Jaece Liam and i carried him for 9m we had a special bond so until you know what its like to lose someone like a child not your parents or an older sibling im sorry this was a full term fetus that didnt get a chance to open his eyes or take his first breath.

Im so sorry in advance i just needed to blow off some steam and get someone's understanding