Anyone else deal with judgemental parents ?

Anyone else have a judge mental family members? Specifically your parents?

I’m so sick of it. I grew up in a very Christian based home and me and my fiancé have been together since we were 18. And we are now 25 and engaged. We have one daughter and another on the way. My parents always judge me because we are not married yet and my dad tells me all the time that my fiancé trapped me with two kids and that he not going to call him my fiancé so he calls my fiancé my boyfriend all the time. Tells me I’m living in sin because I have not one but two kids out of wedlock and that if my fiancé wanted to marry me he would have done so years ago etc. and if my fiancé should be working two jobs because that’s what my dad was doing to provide for his family at his age. It honestly hurts my feelings a lot. I think today was the most I’ve cried because they compare me to my sister who married and pregnant as well. But since she married they don’t say anything. They make me feel like a loser because I’m not married, I have two kids out of marriage, that the reason I still don’t have my career is because my fiancé and that’s why I’m at a community college instead of an university etc. I’m working towards my nursing degree. Finishing my last pre req to apply to the program. I may not have a house I own or be married or have a lot of money but I’m making the best out of my situation. Sometimes they get so much into my head I start questioning my fiancé if he the right one for me because they see all these flaws but I must be blind to them because I love him.

Parents, please dont be the way my family is to your kids. Please be supportive. That’s all I ask from my family but I guess that’s too much to ask for...